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CEO & Construction Director

At Horizon Makers we take pride in doing exactly that; we build homes that invoke a sense of belonging, a home where your hearts will always reside no matter where you are. For us, building is beyond the construction and bricks. it is growing a family, it is children, it is bonding together.

Horizon Makers is a privately owned property development company offering House and Land Packages in Canberra’s most upcoming sought after suburbs. With over 20 years of experience in building homes, our team of finest architects, interior designers, engineers and builders are dedicated to give you the best in bespoke homes and sustainable living- embracing the changing times and acknowledging the environmental depredation, all Horizon Makers properties are built to be sustainable and energy efficient, making our homes a unique blend of unrivalled luxury and sustainable living.

With our deep understanding of global and Australian market, we bring innovation and in-trend elements in our designs and build, giving us an edge over our contemporaries.

Building a home can be the most important and exciting experience of your life. We like to keep it that way by ensuring our handpicked team delivers your dream on time and within your budget. The look of awe on your face when you first see your completed home, the excitement when you explore it and the satisfaction of realising your vision has come into reality, is why we build homes.

“At Horizon Makers, it’s all about reaching beyond the horizons and building your dream homes where you‘ll indeed love to live.”

~ Sam Sharifi – Director

We strive to give you the best in home and living by adhering to these three principles:

The Australian dream is many things to many people, however the cornerstone is always buying a home. A home that is a place of comfort, a place of security, a place to entertain, a place to get away, and above all a place to create memories for you and your family. We at Horizon Makers understand what a home means to you and we take pride in delivering a foundation on which you can build lifelong memories. We believe in redefining the way of living by integrating modern designs with sustainable elements thus creating a home that will stand true to the test of times.


At Horizon Makers we believe that we should all live in tune with nature and our home should reflect that. To ensure this. Sustainability and energy efficiency are at forefront of all our design. During the design and planning phase, we work closely with you to optimise our sustainable design elements of the development. Our philosophy is to develop a sustainable approach towards the environment and making maximum use of available resources without compromising the needs of communities and future generations.


With our meticulous attention to detail on quality, our homes are built to last generations. Our team of expert engineers ensure rigorous quality control over every aspect of the build enabling us to give you 10 years of warranty on the structure of our homes.


All our homes are designed to suit the individual block of land acknowledging the orientation, lifestyle, location and size of the land. Incorporating aesthetic details with practical approach our in-house architects and interior designers will work with you to create your bespoke home.

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Levels 8, 121 Marcus Clarke St, Canberra ACT 2601


P.O. Box 3726, MANUKA ACT 2603


1800 862 000

Consultation Line:

02 6106 9100
02 6164 9235

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We are registered builders, servicing primarily the residential building sector. Our capabilities include new builds, design and construct, extensions, and refurbishments. Using our combined experience, technical expertise, and local knowledge, we're able to deliver projects and services that contribute to the community, our economy and future generations..


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Based on 25 reviews
Sam built a 240 m2 house for me on a very steep block. Together with his architect, he came up with a design to take advantage of the slope. He withstood the storm of COVID-19 to finish the house for me. He paid great attention to details to ensure that only high quality material is used even when such material (floors, cabinets, shower heads and shower screens, etc) are not specified in the contract. He also selected only the trustworthy and experienced tradies for me so that no part of the house is done in a sloppy way.
Ruitian Lang
Ruitian Lang
Horizon Maker is a very reliable company. Highly recommended. Sam is the project manager. We found him very much cooperative . He always gave his best effort to finish the project with a quality work. He gave us honest opinion and best advice when needed. He started to build our home as a builder now he became a good family friend. Thank you Sam to delivery our dream home.
Nilufar Ahmed
Nilufar Ahmed
Top quality. Recommended.
Azita Tavousi
Azita Tavousi
Horizon Makers has a professional and expert team. I strongly recommend them.
Moey Shams
Moey Shams
Very professional and responsive. I would definitely recommend Horizon Makers to build your house.
Negar Ghasimi
Negar Ghasimi